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Sémiosquare is the auxiliary business name
   of Graafiset Neliöt Ltd.

   Sémiosquare / Graafiset Neliöt Oy
   Liisankatu 12 D 32
   FI-00170 Helsinki, Finland
   Phone +358 40 736 4287

Sémiosquare will not sell or rent or otherwise commercially exploit your personal information. We will use it only for communication between us. If you want more information about this, please contact us: info(at)

VAT 10% is included in the price.

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   Returned books must be in condition to be sold.

Jorma Hinkka
Noppaa Mallarmén kanssa
€25 + shipping costs

Olli Oinas
€25 + shipping costs

Sakari Viika
Hotel Jugoslavija
€38 + shipping costs

Johnny Korkman
Matkan varrelta / By the Way
€32, no shipping costs in Finland

Martti Jämsä:
Out of print.

Jorma Hinkka:
Hommage à R. Mutt 1917–2017
Marcel Duchampin kolme pisoaaria ja 12 kopiota.
(Marcel Duchamp’s three urinoires and twelve copies.)
Text only in Finnish.

€18, no shipping costs

Antero Takala:
Maisemasta mielenmaisemaan
Elämäni kameran takana
Text only in Finnish.
Out of print.

I. K. Inha:
The novel is published only in Finnish.

€28 + shipping costs

Elina Brotherus:
12 ans après / 12 vuotta myöhemmin / 12 years later
€38 + shipping costs

Stéphane Mallarmé:
Nopanheitto ei koskaan tuhoa sattumaa
€20 + shipping costs

Martti Jämsä:
Sydän ja luoti / Heart and Bullet
(Included with the book is a silver-gelatin print of one of its pictures signed by Martti Jämsä)
€20 + shipping costs

Eva Wardi:
€17 + shipping costs

Jorma Hinkka:
Paris Etoile II
€10, no shipping costs

Martti Jämsä:
Rauhoitettu alue / Espace intime
€10, no shipping costs